Our cabinetry is created to bring fashion, beauty and function to the heart of the home. Our people are committed to providing outstanding value and a superior customer experience. Our company is focused on long term, sustainable growth. We offer our employees the opportunity for professional growth while maintaining a work-life balance.

American Woodmark™ offers over 500 cabinet styles for the remodeling and new home construction markets under four major brands: American Woodmark®, Shenandoah Cabinetry®, Timberlake® Cabinetry, and Waypoint® Living Spaces. To please our customers, we fashion our kitchen and bath cabinets in an appealing variety of designs, materials and finishes. Our KCMA-certified cabinets are sold through a nationwide network of homebuilders, independent dealers and distributors, as well as Lowe’s and The Home Depot. American Woodmark is headquartered in Winchester, Virginia with manufacturing locations and builder centers across America.Our long-term vision is focused on maintaining our culture of excellence, creating best-in-class products and value, and delivering outstanding service to our customers. We renew this commitment every day.

We celebrate our passionate and dedicated workforce. They are our inspiration and strength, and the reason for our success and leadership in the industry. With their help, we pledge to bring the best quality and value to our customers, the best workplace and opportunities to our people, the best products and customer service to home centers, builders and distributors and the best investment for our shareholders.We are excited and humbled by the challenge of leadership. Our people are determined to continue to set the standard for our industry, promote American quality, and enhance our homes and lives with American Woodmark products.

Creating Value Through People

American Woodmark is an organization of employees and shareholders who have combined their resources to pursue a common goal.

What We Do

Our common goal is to create value by providing kitchens and baths of pride for the American family.

Why We Do It

We pursue this goal to earn a profit, which allows us to reward our shareholders and employees, and to make a contribution to our society.

How We Do It

Four principles guide our actions:

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Providing the best possible quality, service and value to the greatest number of people. Doing whatever is reasonable, and sometimes unreasonable, to make certain that each customer’s needs are met each and every day.
  • Integrity
    Doing what is right. Caring about the dignity and rights of each individual. Acting fairly and responsibly with all parties. Being a good citizen in the communities in which we operate.
  • Teamwork
    Understanding that we must all work together if we are to be successful. Realizing that each individual must contribute to the team to remain a member of the team.
  • Excellence
    Striving to perform every job or action in a superior way. Being innovative, seeking new and better ways to get things done. Helping all individuals to become the best that they can be in their jobs and careers.

Once We’ve Done It

When we achieve our goal, good things happen: sales increase, profits are made, shareholders and employees are rewarded, jobs are created, our communities benefit, we have fun, and our customers are happy and proud—with a new kitchen or bath from American Woodmark.

As a national enterprise with roots in neighborhoods across America, we’re closely involved with our communities. We have a long history of outreach programs focused on sustaining our communities, helping charitable organizations fulfill their missions, and simply being good neighbors.

In 1995, the Board of Directors launched the American Woodmark Foundation, an employee-run organization that coordinates the company’s charitable giving activities.

The foundation’s primary giving areas include: education, housing, fire and safety, domestic violence, and providing funds for operating expenses.

The foundation is active in the communities in which the company operates. Teams, composed of both salaried and hourly employees, at each locality, review and prioritize incoming requests for support. Each team considers it a privilege to provide support to their communities.

The foundation’s support is limited to public charities, as recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, the organization must meet the locality requirement to be eligible for consideration, supporting the foundation’s mission of giving back to the communities in which our employees live and work. All team recommendations are reviewed by the foundation board prior to approval.

In addition to the foundation grants, our employees have many opportunities to volunteer their personal time and services to help improve the quality of life of fellow citizens in their communities. Some examples of employee involvement include partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build homes, holding food and collection drives to support local nonprofit organizations, serving meals at The Salvation Army, interacting with seniors at adult care facilities, assisting our nonprofit partners with projects that include painting, cleaning and yard work.

Our employees understand the value of being good neighbors. The American Woodmark family believes that when we reach out a hand to help others, everyone benefits.

As we safeguard public health and safety, we are committed to protecting the environment.

As a leading U.S. manufacturer of fine cabinetry, American Woodmark Corporation is committed to conducting business in a manner that both protects the environment and safeguards public health and safety. To achieve this end, the company proactively identifies potential environmental risks and monitors compliance with appropriate federal, state, local and internal standards.

The company has received certification by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program on all products. The certification was awarded based on compliance across a broad range of activities including air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship and community relations.

The company works with all suppliers to encourage sustainable forestry practices. Wood doors, drawer fronts and cabinet front frames are made from solid hardwoods. Particleboard and plywood are purchased from suppliers that meet the Composite Panel Association requirements for Environmentally Preferred Products or Eco-Certified Composite Standards.

The company uses leading edge technologies to limit both hazardous and non-hazardous emissions, byproducts and waste. Ongoing, formal programs identify opportunities for recycling and reusing materials. When waste ultimately requires disposal, steps are taken to minimize the environmental impact.

The American Woodmark Foundation supports local programs serving the community, including activities focused on maintaining the quality of life. Our company is dedicated to doing our part to preserve and sustain the environment.

Visit GreenCabinetSource.org or KCMA.org for more information about the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program.


S. Cary Dunston

President and Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Cary Dunston joined American Woodmark Corporation in October 2006 as senior vice president of manufacturing and supply chain services. He was promoted to executive vice president of operations in September 2012, executive vice president and chief operating officer in August 2013, and president and chief operating officer in August 2014. In August 2015 he was promoted to chief executive officer and in August 2017 he was elected as chairman of the board of directors. Dunston was also elected to the company’s board of directors in August 2014. Prior to joining American Woodmark, Dunston served as vice president, global operations of Diamond Innovations, a leading supplier of industrial diamonds. Dunston also served two years as vice president of operations for BBA Fiberweb, a year with Tenneco Automotive as vice president European emission control operations, and five years with Cummins, Inc. in plant management. Formerly, Dunston served in the U.S. Navy as an officer in the nuclear submarine fleet. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering management from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and a Master of Business degree from Harvard University.


M. Scott Culbreth

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Scott Culbreth joined American Woodmark Corporation in February 2014 as senior vice president and chief financial officer. Prior to joining American Woodmark, Culbreth served as chief financial officer of Piedmont Hardware Brands, an international manufacturer of hardware, since September 2013 when the company was acquired from Newell Rubbermaid by NOVA Capital. Culbreth also served six years with Newell Rubbermaid in the hardware and IRWIN Tools businesses and seven years with Robert Bosch Corporation, where he held various financial roles with increasing responsibility. He began his career with Shell Oil Company and holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Virginia Tech and a Masters of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.


R. Perry Campbell

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Perry Campbell is the senior vice president of sales and marketing. Campbell joined American Woodmark in 2004 as the start-up plant manager at the company’s Allegany assembly plant. In 2006 he was promoted to vice president of quality, in 2011 he was promoted to senior vice president and general manager of Timberlake, American Woodmark’s new construction business, and then in 2015 he was promoted into his current role. Prior to joining American Woodmark, Campbell was vice president of operations for Base-X Shelters. Prior to Base-X, Mr. Campbell enjoyed a series of assignments in various locations with Alcoa. He began his career with Alcoa as an engineer and moved on to serve management roles in human resources, materials, quality, R & D, logistics, and plant/operations management.

Rob Adams

Senior Vice President of Value Stream Operations

Rob Adams joined American Woodmark Corporation in 2008 as vice president of engineering. He was promoted to vice president of manufacturing and engineering in 2012 and vice president of value stream operations in 2014. Prior to joining American Woodmark, Adams gained 20 years of general management and engineering experience at Diamond Innovations and Techneglas. Adams earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and a Master of Science degree in management from Drexel University.