April 2, 2021


Get Organized and Stay Organized with Garage Storage Solutions

Guest author: Jennifer LeMarr, designer at American Woodmark

Why add cabinetry to your garage?

Organization – think about what you need to store and how you can organize it. Where does that seasonal gear end up in the off-season? Consider garage storage cabinetry the easiest way to unclutter the space and keep things off the garage floor whenever possible.

Reduce clutter – remember the rule: if you have not touched it in a year, you can stand to lose it. In addition, with adequate storage, you highly reduce the likelihood of accumulating clutter in the future.

Improve accessibility – there's a place for everything and everything in its place. Think about all that energy saved not having to hunt around and look for items. Garage cabinetry is perfect for storing your gardening tools to ensure you get that bothersome weeding done.

Increase functionality – make your garage work even harder! If you do a lot of handy work around the house, set up a workstation in the garage with all your power tools.

Add value to your property – the garage is valuable real estate that should not only be occupied by clutter. The garage is an extension of your home that without a doubt has multipurpose potential. The addition of cabinetry certainly will improve how you use the space.