July 30, 2021


Create an Office Oasis with these Designer Tips!

Today’s home designs aren't just about versatile functionality - now more than ever we need our living spaces to work harder. It’s time to think strategically about how we use and organize our living spaces. Now, homeowners are turning to designers to carve out a designated space that can eliminate distractions and help focus on work at home. Homeowners are looking for a multifunctional workspace that will keep them on track and organized - a place for everything and everything in its place.

Check out these inspirational office spaces that deliver on style and functionality!

Sometimes light and bright is the best recipe for a cheerful office space! Our Designer Tip: prioritize natural light. Light your home office to look your best on a video call. Add open shelving to create a feeling of openness, making your space appear larger with less visual clutter. Open storage also provides clear, visual access to everything on the shelf. Bring in greenery – a plant is a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your workspace and to create visual variety when your eyes need a break from the screen.

Furniture-quality cabinetry built-ins transform the effectiveness of your home’s living spaces and create visual clarity of a well-designed, organized home. A good mix of open and closed storage provides various types of storage solutions depending on the need. Include open shelving to add a touch of personalization and character to the space. Our Designer Tip: As a finishing touch, why not perfect your video chat background by playing off the room’s architecture!

Keep things looking up, take advantage of vertical storage with stacked cabinetry. Void door cabinetry mixed with standard cabinets creates a sense of balance with positive/negative storage space. Our Designer Tip: Adjustable storage can be seen here with the open shelving as it is becoming a standard in homes to meet the needs when designing for all members of the family.

An office that is just right! Comfy, cozy with warm wood tones and plenty of smart, sophisticated storage. Include ample shelving to put inspiration on display. Keep books on shelves in order by neatly stacking or with the use of creative decorative bookends. Our Designer Tip: Save space with an office aligned on one wall. This solution could offer up sharing an office to double as a guest room.