January 28, 2021

Employee Spotlight

Thank You for the Magic of You!

To start off 2021 right, we wanted to take the time to highlight just a few of our outstanding team members from across the company. Jami, Whitney and Scott received our 2020 company vision award for their impressive contributions to their teams, our company and their local communities. They go above and beyond in everything they do and we are honored to have the opportunity to recognize their great work!

  • The Magic of Jami Gilbert starts with her disruptive innovation in driving and improving the customer experience. Her dedication and commitment to her team, our company and our customers make us who we are. 2021 is looking bright indeed!
  • The Magic of Whitney Robertson is evident in her top-notch training abilities and her use of customer experience to drive her work, all while pursuing her business education in her spare time. Thank you, Whitney, for making us who we are.
  • The Magic of Scott Gunter is putting people first. Scott's ability to inspire and motivate his team members is aspirational. Thank you, Scott, for putting our teams and our customers' satisfaction first.