June 22, 2020

Employee Spotlight

What's in Your Cabinet?

After 40 years of crafting kitchens for American families and as one of the country’s largest cabinet manufacturers, we feel a special connection to our customers through the heart of their homes. With the help of our soon-to-be released American Woodmark Employee Cookbook, we’re sharing our family’s recipes with your family.

Last month we brought you the first recipe of our What’s in Your Cabinet series with a Southwest Chicken Casserole and now we’re dreaming of summer bar-b-ques with a twist on the classic American Pasta Salad from Robert Aul out of our plant in Kingman, Arizona.


“We first had this when a friend brought us dinner a couple days after our first daughter was born. We enjoyed the fresh taste and the fact that we didn’t feel weighed down after eating it. It seems like a healthier option than a lot of meal options and it leaves you feeling good after you eat, without the groggy bleh feeling that a lot of meals leave. We like to make it as a standalone meal and it’s great for leftovers as we actually prefer it cold. We usually have it for dinner the day before we travel, then take the leftovers in Tupperware to eat on our trip so that we don’t have to stop for food (saving time and money). As for get-togethers and potlucks it works great as a side as well,” said Aul.

Pasta Salad, Robert Aul

12oz package of spinach ravioli or tortellini

1 can sliced olives

3oz pepperoni, quartered

2 diced tomatoes (or cherry tomatoes)

1 head cauliflower, steamed

2 broccoli crowns, steamed

8oz mozzarella cheese balls, quartered

2oz parmesan cheese

Italian dressing, to liking

Boil pasta to al-dente. Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. Coat with Italian dressing to your liking.