August 5, 2020


Woodmark Continues World-Class Safety Rating

When Todd Regula comes into work each day, he knows he and his team are doing everything they can to ensure our team members go home safely to their families.

Each day, Regula – an Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at our corporate office – and his colleagues walk locations and review reports for leading indicators to predict what will happen and put measures in place to avoid them from happening. This method of behavior-based safety focuses on what we are doing while working and guiding the correct behavior through positive reinforcement.

During our last fiscal year, American Woodmark had a 1.23 incident rate while working over 20 million hours! An incident rate is defined by how many recordable injuries occur per 200,000 hours worked. To put this accomplishment into perspective the industry average was 3.7 and the KCMA average for cabinet manufactures was 5.3. This world-class rating was made possible because of our team’s belief in our core values and our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

“Everyone is responsible for health and safety,” explained Regula.

“Everyone is responsible for health and safety,” explained Regula. “There is buy-in from the top, safety leads all production conversations and we have a really strong EHS team.” Regula recommends always keeping the safety and wellbeing of yourself and others top of mind at home and in the workplace.

Last year, the first EHS Safety Cup was awarded to our Monticello, Ky. Plant because of their outstanding commitment to safety throughout the year. This year the Environmental, Health and Safety team is excited to award our Lincolnton, NC location with the FY'20 Safety Cup! Our Riverside, Calif. location received an honorable mention for their performance during our last fiscal year, providing tough competition for Lincolnton even during their move.

“Lincolnton is our biggest plant with over 1.2 million square feet” shared Regula. “It’s a huge accomplishment to make the home of one of our largest teams the safest location in the company.”

American Woodmark Believes in Safety