From Student to Career Success

Are you a unique individual seeking to jumpstart your career? Look no further! Join our team and explore a plethora of long-term opportunities for early talent to shine. We proudly offer dynamic full-time career development programs and enriching internships, passionately investing in bright futures.

Fast facts

We offer career development programs and internships. We are passionate about investing in our future.

Career Orientation Development program

Be part of a diverse program specially curated for entry-level team members to empower you and help you build the right skills to reach your career goals. With a variety of learning paths in your field of interest, master the ropes firsthand at our various locations.


Start your journey at our corporate headquarters.

Hit the road

Join your teammates in the field and receive hands-on training. 

Benefit from exposure

Meet and mingle with our senior staff and leadership teams.

Gain full understanding

Follow our entire business process and experience our culture firsthand.

Work directly with the team

Choose your area of interest and work with team members through job shadow opportunities.

Finish the program

Take the next step toward realizing your dreams with a permanent role at one of our locations.

Student Internship Program

Gain hands-on experience

Spend time as a paid intern in your prospective field.

Work directly with the team

Experience a vibrant, welcoming culture, as seen across all of our locations.

See the full picture

Build your knowledge and professional network in a collaborative, project-focused environment.

Success stories

Copywriter, Marketing Management | Virginia Tech

Leeza Turner

"Starting with the COD program was like hitting the ground running in my career journey. It didn't just teach me the ins and outs of our manufacturing process; it personalized the experience to fit my role perfectly. Plus, I got to build connections all over the company, making diving into my new responsibilities feel like a breeze with all the support I had."

Cole Sanuik
Corporate, Human Resources Intern | Virginia Tech

Meghan Leight

"My internship at American Woodmark proved to be an invaluable experience that fused my professional growth with genuine enthusiasm. From the start, I found myself immediately embraced by a dynamic and inclusive work environment, a crucial element I had sought when selecting a company for my internship. The warm and open atmosphere established a strong sense of comfort, fostering an environment valuable to personal and professional development.

Throughout my internship, I had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of seasoned professionals, each of whom generously shared their wealth of knowledge regarding the intricacies of Human Resources. This exposure provided me with a great understanding of what it truly entails to excel in this field, further igniting my passion for a career in HR.

What made this experience truly exceptional was the abundance of opportunities I was given to engage with various facets of the department and actively participate in significant projects. These experiences not only added substantial depth to my skill set but also allowed me to make connections that extend beyond the internship itself. The relationships I made during my time at American Woodmark continue to thrive and evolve, serving as a testament to the enduring connections I built.

My time at American Woodmark allowed me to appreciate not only the wealth of knowledge I gained but also the lasting impact of the organization's culture. I had the privilege of being part of an institution that champions such a vibrant and inclusive culture, making my internship both professionally enriching and genuinely exciting."

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From an idea that developed in a dentist’s office to one of the three largest cabinetmakers in the country, American Woodmark has become a trusted partner to our customers and communities.