From Virginia to Baja California, we are there for you. Our dedicated team of experts spans across 19 manufacturing and distribution facilities and 8 primary service centers. Check out all our locations across North America.

Fast facts

These numbers speak for themselves! With our vast portfolio of brands and a talented team, we’ve become one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in the world.

Corporate headquarters

Welcome to Winchester, our corporate headquarters since 1986. It was created with the idea to unify employees and propel us onward and upward to newer successes and growth. With the rural beauty of the Shenandoah Valley and the proximity to the national capital, at Winchester, we truly have the best of both worlds.

Manufacturing and distribution facilities

Over 550 door styles and finishes by our dozen brands—manufacturing cabinets is a complex process and requires exceptional skills. 

  • Allegany Plant One of our many fantastic manufacturing facilities, this one located in western Maryland’s Cumberland. Cumberland, MD Location details
  • Anaheim Plant One of our exceptional cabinet manufacturing facilities, conveniently located in the heart of Anaheim, California, crafts high-quality cabinets to enhance your space. Anaheim, CA Location details
  • Gas City Plant Check out our Gas City Plant, where quality craftsmanship and innovation create superior semi-custom cabinetry. Gas City, IN Location details
  • Hamlet Plant At our Hamlet plant, we're actively expanding to meet increased demands, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in wood manufacturing. Hamlet, NC Location details
  • Insurgentes Plant Explore the artistry of cabinetry at our Insurgentes, Mexico plant, where innovation and unwavering commitment merge to craft remarkable cabinetry products. Tijuana, Mexico Location details
  • Jackson Plant Experience the dedication and expertise of our Jackson, Georgia plant, where precision and innovation converge to create exceptional cabinetry. Jackson, GA Location details
  • Kiest Plant At our Kiest Plant, we're dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that genuinely distinguishes us - our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart in cabinetry. Dallas, TX Location details
  • Kingman Plant Discover the versatility of our Kingman, Arizona plant, where we excel in both cabinetry assembly and finishing. Kingman, AZ Location details
  • Lincolnton Plant At our Lincolnton, North Carolina plant, excellence in cabinetry manufacturing is our tradition. Discover how our commitment to quality and innovation shapes every product we create. Lincolnton, NC Location details
  • Orange Plant Experience the craftsmanship and innovation that define our Orange, Virginia plant, where we're dedicated to creating high-quality cabinetry products. Orange, VA Location details
  • Pacifico Plant Discover excellence in cabinetry at our Pacifico, Mexico plant, where innovation and dedication come together to create exceptional cabinetry products. Tijuana, Mexico Location details
  • Riverside Plant Explore excellence in cabinetry manufacturing at our Riverside, California plant, where innovation and precision come together to create superior products. Riverside, CA Location details
  • Saner Plant Discover the world of cabinetry at our Saner, Texas plant, where a dedicated team and innovation unite to create superior products. Dallas, TX Location details
  • South Branch Plant Experience the art of cabinetry at our facility in South Branch, West Virginia, where our skilled team harmonizes to produce remarkable products. Moorefield, WV Location details
  • Toccoa Plant Experience cabinetry craftsmanship at its finest in our Toccoa, Georgia plant, where our skilled team creates exceptional cabinetry products. Eastanollee, GA Location details
  • Monticello Plant Experience our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation at our Monticello, Kentucky plant, where craftsmanship creates superior cabinetry. Monticello, KY Location details
  • Monterrey Plant Learn more about our newest facility! Monterrey, Mexico Location details
  • El Florido Plant Explore our El Florido plant, a center of excellence in wood manufacturing. Learn about our commitment to quality and sustainability at this state-of-the-art facility. Tijuana, Mexico Location details
  • Van Horn Distribution Center At our Dallas, Texas Van Horn Distribution Center, culture thrives within our manufacturing plant, where a dedicated team shapes excellence in every aspect of our operations. Dallas, TX Location details

We offer career development programs and internships. We are passionate about investing in our future.

Service centers

From impeccable design resources to the installation process, our service centers provide exceptional customer service.

  • Southern California Service Center At our Southern California Service Center, our dedicated team ensures efficient and uninterrupted field service solutions. Riverside, CA Location details
  • Florida Service Center Discover our Florida Service Center, your partner for expert support and service solutions. Explore how we meet your needs with precision and reliability. Orlando, FL Location details
  • Northeast Service Center Our Northeast Service Center is your trusted partner for efficient field service solutions, ensuring your operations run smoothly with our expertise and commitment to excellence. Winchester, VA Location details
  • Texas Service Center At our Irving, Texas Service Center, our dedicated team delivers expert field service solutions to optimize our operations. Irving, TX Location details
  • Southeast Service Center Rely on our skilled team and expertise at the Huntersville, North Carolina Southeast Service Center to deliver exceptional field service solutions. Huntersville, NC Location details
  • Northern California Service Center Count on our Northern California Service Center for top-notch field service solutions, where expertise and dedication keep our operations running seamlessly. Rancho Cordova, CA Location details
  • Atlanta Service Center Our Atlanta, Georgia, service center is your trusted partner for all field service needs. We're here to provide efficient solutions and support. Kennesaw, GA Location details
  • Southwest Service Center At our Mesa, Arizona Southwest Service Center, count on our dedicated team for expert field service solutions, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Mesa, AZ Location details

Making headlines

Check out the latest at American Woodmark.

  • AWC announces groundbreakings in Monterrey and Hamlet Feb 24, 2023 Last month, American Woodmark held a groundbreaking ceremony for their plant expansion in Hamlet, North Carolina. In addition to the Hamlet expansion, American Woodmark broke ground on their newest manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico on January 27th. Read article
  • Transforming Toccoa, GA: American Woodmark's $15.8 Million Investment Jul 19, 2022 Toccoa, GA - A town known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and thriving businesses is about to experience a significant transformation. With the recent news of an investment of $15.8 million, Toccoa is set to witness an increase in manufacturing capacity and improvement in American Woodmark’s plant's layout and capacity. This investment is a commitment to meet strategic growth goals and reflects a bright future for the community. Read article
  • American Woodmark Expands Manufacturing Footprint in Gas City, IN Feb 07, 2022 American Woodmark recently opened an auxiliary building and installed an additional assembly cell in Grant County, IN, investing in the expansion of the manufacturing footprint to 500,000 square feet and improving the main plant’s layout and capacity. Read article