Set up for success

Our Career Orientation and Development (COD) program is designed to give new graduates a jump-start on their career.

Join the team
  • 1. Orientation

    • Spend your first week at our corporate orientation, learning the ropes and experiencing our culture firsthand.

  • 2. Hit the road

    • Go on the road to spend time "in the field", receiving hands-on experience to understand the entire business process - from inputting orders and manufacturing cabinets to transporting and installing the final product.

  • 3. Firsthand experience

    • Finish the program by shadowing and working alongside current employees to gain real experience and firsthand perspective.

Find your place.

We offer career opportunities under four major career tracks.

  • Operations

    • Engineering

    • Operations Management

    • Supply Chain Logistics

    • Quality

    • Field Supervisor

  • Sales & Marketing

    • Sales

    • Marketing

  • Technical

    • Information Systems

  • Support

    • Accounting

    • Finance

    • Human Resources

This program is designed to facilitate the development of our future financial controllers and operational leaders. You will be mentored by one of our financial leaders throughout the program and have the opportunity to develop your knowledge of our business.
Future systems team leaders, project leaders and technical managers are given the opportunity to develop through this training program. Operational assignments may include location technical support, system development and project management.
This training is designed to help develop leaders across all areas of our organization. Participants will receive an overview of our lean principles and tools so they will be set up for success.
Throughout this training program, future quality leaders will support and execute various quality initiatives, receiving training from departments including corporate quality, operational quality and sales and marketing quality.