Designing Your Home Beverage Station: Simplifying Your Daily Routine

April 21, 2021

Guest author: Jennifer LeMarr, designer at American Woodmark

Let's talk about how to create a home beverage station - a designated place to grab or make drinks. As you get started, it's key to consider how you will use the space and which activities are part of your daily routine or essential while entertaining. A perfectly designed beverage station will simplify your life and might even warrant hostess with the mostess status.

Beverage stations can be customized with specialized storage solutions and provide plenty of countertop surface space for the preparation of your favorite beverage - coffee, smoothie, wine or any favorite drink. If the idea of concealing your coffee or wine station appeals to you, check out our solution to neatly tuck things away when not in use. The trick is to maximize the interior cabinet space with organizational products catered to how you prefer your favorite morning cup of joe or cocktail after a long day.

Now, let’s prioritize what is needed to accomplish those particular activities. Ergonomically-friendly drawer storage keeps things accessible and organized. Floating shelves are the perfect opportunity to create a personalized focal point while keeping your most used necessities super handy. I love it when items on display are actually functional - choose aesthetically pleasing drinkware or a common theme across your bar accessories. Wine storage cubes also provide a natural way to break up a run of cabinetry with functional negative space. A beverage refrigerator, coffee machine, bar sink, along with dedicated storage for different items are a few of the must-haves to consider. Think beyond the kitchen to create additional functional beverage nooks throughout the home - beverage stations aren’t just for the kitchen. Many homeowners are even adding a beverage station to their dining room, master suite, or even their home gym.

To make the most of your beverage station, let’s consider how this creative nook can really showcase your personal style. Add decorative cabinetry elements to create the appearance of a custom furniture piece. Decorative corbels, legs, feet, and furniture toe kicks are the perfect finishing touches. Glass front cabinetry offers stylish display storage with in-cabinetry lighting to highlight your favorite collectibles. Decorative lighting is a sure way to create a little drama. This area also lends itself to be a bit more playful with your materials, so go big with that accent tile to make a bold statement - express your unique personality.

Accessorize with plants, plants are key to bringing the outside in and creating a relaxing environment. Bowls of fruit add an easy pop of bright colors and flavor to your beverage station. Keep your décor fresh by displaying ingredients to garnish your cocktails and coffee or tea. Don’t forget to personalize by adding a vase of your favorite flowers to your beverage wall décor.

It's ideal when entertaining to include a separate food and drink station to avoid a traffic jam. Beverage stations work wonders to maximize kitchen efficiency by creating an accessible place for someone to make a drink without getting in the way of the cook. We are loving the way homeowners are personalizing their beverage stations - and it's worth the investment as it adds value to your home!

Entertaining friends and family is an expression of your unique personal style, make each experience memorable and truly unforgettable!

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