Celebrating the Journey of a Cabinet, a National Manufacturing Month Story

October 5, 2023

During National Manufacturing Month, we invite you to explore the incredible journey of a cabinet as it passes through three distinct plants: a Flat Stock Plant, a Component and Finishing Plant, and an Assembly Plant. This journey showcases our team's dedication, precision, and unwavering commitment.

Flat Stock Plant: Shaping the Foundation

Our story begins at the Flat Stock Plant, where ethically sourced wood is carefully selected and processed. This wood is cut and kiln-dried to achieve the ideal moisture content, aligning with our sustainability goals while ensuring top-notch quality.

Here, the wood is transformed into the cabinet's core components, which include the flat stock pieces. These pieces are meticulously finished, cut to size, and routed to create the foundation of the cabinet, except the face frame.

Component and Finishing Plant: Adding Character

Next, we move to the Component and Finishing Plant, where 'whitewood' components are crafted. Some wood is chosen to become doors, drawers, or face frames. These components are called 'whitewood’ at this stage because they have yet to receive their final finish.

'Whitewood' then proceeds to our finishing locations, where it transforms. It receives the selected paint or stain and a meticulous sealing process that preserves its unique character. Every piece goes through rigorous quality inspections to meet our stringent standards.

Assembly Plant: Bringing It All Together

The final chapter of this remarkable journey unfolds at our Assembly Plant. Here, skilled craftsmen and craftswomen assemble the various components with utmost care. Thorough quality inspections mark this stage to guarantee that each cabinet lives up to our uncompromising standards.

A distinctive aspect of our process is the commitment to same-day assembly and shipping. This practice minimizes the risk of damage during storage, further emphasizing our dedication to delivering pristine products.

A Journey We Cherish, A Team We Applaud

From raw wood to a finely crafted cabinet in your home, we stand by our cabinets at every step of their extraordinary journey. This journey encapsulates ethical sourcing, skilled craftsmanship, and our dedication to delivering pieces you'll cherish.

As National Manufacturing Month concludes, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our exceptional team members. Your tireless dedication ensures the success of this remarkable journey every single day.

To see this journey yourself, watch our video below!

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