Tim Rhodes: Leading Digital Transformation at American Woodmark

January 3, 2022

As the COVID pandemic spread globally, consumers leaned heavily on online shopping for all their needs – from paper products to home décor. The buying journey pivot from in-store to online is not new, but with COVID, the customer migration is forever changed.  

In early 2021, Tim Rhodes joined the team as the Vice President of Customer Experience and Digital Marketing. The role is responsible for the strategy and execution of the digital marketing program, the customer experience, and digital ecosystem.

Tim joins the team with experience in e-commerce – everything from operations and finance to marketing and sales. Before joining American Woodmark, Tim worked at Sherwin-Williams and GE. 

When asked how he would be approaching digital strategy at AWC, he shared, “I define our digital marketing and customer experience growth in four phases. These phases set the tone and expectations that American Woodmark is investing in a seamless CX journey for our consumers and customers alike. A seamless customer experience is important as it is the most effective way to keep customers and consumers happy and loyal to our business, and they are more likely to stay loyal if we offer timely personalized suggestions and updates as part of our experience.”

Build: the Build stage starts with our technology stack as the foundation to our CX planning. Ensuring we have all the building blocks in place and invest in the right technology that allows us to add, modify and be as flexible as possible as we progress.

Launch: the Launch phase allows us to put our plans into action. Connecting our web, CRM and social capabilities to create a robust buying experience, and for us to have the ability to learn through A/B testing.

Mature: the Mature phase is where we can take all our learnings and adapt quickly to our consumers buying behaviors. Connecting through 1st party data and forming a relationship with our brands is key.

Grow: the Grow stage allows us to look for innovative and fun ways to engage our audience. Understanding the latest technology, such as AR/VR, and putting it to use in a practical way that creates excitement and memorable moments for our consumers.

The phases are meant to be cyclical and will adapt with changing and evolving technologies. 

Tim, his wife Brittany and their two sons James and Alex live in Louisville, Kentucky with their two cats. The family enjoys any outdoor activity, including golfing and hiking. Welcome, Tim!

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