Elevating Bathroom Décor with Painted Navy Cabinetry

June 3, 2021 

Guest author: Jennifer LeMarr, CKBD, CLIPP, designer at American Woodmark

A classic color, navy blue offers a richness to warm up any living space. Navy continues to be a huge trend for cabinetry finish choices and I am loving the stunning depth and drama this color can bring to your home.

Navy blue is the ideal neutral cabinetry finish to create a bold and stylish design statement. Here are four gorgeous bathroom décor palettes featuring painted navy cabinetry that are sure to create some neighborhood buzz.


Functional and relaxing? That's a master bathroom dream. As a designer, I knew right away that painted navy cabinetry would bring the right balance and mix. We went for a modern vibe with a touch of drama by pairing a deep shade of navy with black for a high drama impact. The patterned floor brings a perfect touch of personality. I included luxury statement lighting with a gorgeous chandelier and modern sconces. Bold artwork and fresh greens complete the space.

Classic French

This master bath has a simple yet inviting design statement. Classic French styling is all about the right level of decorative accents with an ornate flare in small doses. His and hers painted navy vanities steal the show with rich door style detail and furniture-like features. Patterns and textures are layered into the space to add extra interest. The tiled wall creates a focal point and the perfect backdrop for the vintage-style clawfoot tub.

Evolved Traditional

Effortless elegance is the distinctive style and the exact feeling evoked when you walk into this master bath. Design elements include symmetrical lines and rich, luxe finishes. Decorative accents of gold and natural wood tones play off the room’s brightness. The gold accents add a perfectly polished detail that complements the painted navy blue vanities. The herringbone tile pattern is an exciting way to shake up a standard subway tile application.

Modern Farmhouse

Authentic farmhouse design with a modern touch and stunning architectural details - a combo promised to create that relaxed, cozy farmhouse feel. This master bath features shiplap walls with pale neutral wood tones that add contrast and rustic natural texture. The painted navy his/her vanities are offset with black cabinet knobs that tie to the metal black accents and fixtures used throughout the space. The tile motif was selectively chosen with a nod to the farmhouse style.

The calming colors and earthen textures leave this space to speak for itself, inspiring those who enter to linger a bit longer.

The results are anything but ordinary with painted navy cabinetry. A thoughtful color scheme with painted navy cabinetry can refresh any living space with its versatility to seamlessly fit any décor style.

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