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Q & A with Director of Manufacturing Tony Holifield

 September 17, 2020

As we prep for National Manufacturing Day on October 2, we wanted to take a few minutes to introduce one of manufacturing leaders, Tony Holifield, Director of Manufacturing, and discuss how he got to where he is today.

How did you get into manufacturing? Out of college, I was having problems finding a job, so I took a temp job with Pontiac metal fab operating a welder. Shortly after, I applied for a role in planning/customer service for Delphi automotive. I fell in love with the competitiveness of manufacturing and loved coaching a team to accomplish a goal each day.

What's the most exciting part of your day? Our daily gemba walks - I learn more on the gemba walks than I do in meetings. The interaction and the on-the-floor problem solving is something I look forward to every day.

What's the most challenging thing in the manufacturing industry right now? Currently the most challenging problem is hiring. Many companies are getting qualified applicants looking for a career.

What would you recommend for someone who wanted to get a start in manufacturing? Come with an open mind and look forward to learning from each person you come in contact with.

What is the biggest achievement for your plant? This past year, the Lincolnton Plant was awarded the American Woodmark Environmental, Health, and Safety Cup. The award recognizes the best overall environmental, health and safety performance within the company.

What makes your facility special? The people. I am extremely proud to say I am a part of the Lincolnton family. This group of people is the best team I have ever been apart of. Our employees are truly some of the hardest working, caring and proud employees I have ever encountered. I am extremely proud of being a part of the family.

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