Caring is part of our future

With roots in neighborhoods across America, we’re closely involved with our communities. We have a long history of outreach programs focused on sustaining our communities, helping charitable organizations fulfill their missions and simply being good neighbors.

Culture + Core Values

We are proud to have a unique, interconnected culture, and we live our CITE principles every day. All of our locations have a Right Environment Council, dedicated to inspire, engage and connect our team members. We prioritize giving back to our communities. Today, the American Woodmark Foundation has given over $6 million since its inception in 1995.

Diversity & Inclusion

The IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equality, alliance) team was established in 2020 to define the diversity and inclusion strategy, aligning with local REC efforts. We are now deploying company-wide initiatives, including adding a D&I section to our employee engagement survey, and working with towards the goal of increasing the diversity of people and perspectives represented throughout the company.

Recruiting & Training

We actively search for the best candidate for the job and embrace diversity and inclusion in our recruiting efforts. As a current team member, we invest hours of training annually, including cultural, regulatory, safety, onboarding, supervisory, and managerial training. We provide activities and courses to help develop additional skills, knowledge, and abilities to help our teams grow professionally.


Our safety leadership teams monitor our safety programs with the goal of improving safety for all team members across the company. Our rate of incidents recordable under the standards of OSHA was 1.44 during fiscal 2021.

Our environmental and sustainability efforts

We recognize the potential impact of our operations on the environment as well as the potential impact of environmental issues on our operations. We have established Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety programs with the goal of ensuring compliance with all applicable local, state and federal environmental and safety laws and regulations, and we monitor our performance under these programs through formal agency audits as well as internal audits. We have a formal program in place to identify opportunities in our manufacturing facilities to eliminate or minimize the use of certain hazardous materials and we seek to employ leading technologies to reduce emissions from our manufacturing operations to the extent practicable. 

We have implemented recycling and energy efficiency programs throughout our organization in an effort to reduce our consumption of resources. These efforts include manufacturing processes that repurpose wood waste into saleable products or divert it to other industries in order to reduce waste. We encourage appropriate suppliers of hardwood and other wood products to participate in a sustainable forestry program through formal training and advocacy, and we require all of our suppliers to comply with applicable environmental and safety laws and regulations.

Our future plans

In fiscal 2022 and beyond, we plan to further enhance our environmental and sustainability efforts by:

• Establishing internal working teams to improve our efforts related to sustainability and our environmental and social impact;

• Developing internal scorecards to measure progress against our goals;

• Developing a long-term vision for environmental sustainability; and

• Increasing the amount of environmental and sustainability information we share with the public and investment community.